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Construction Materials:

Electro galvanized steel is mainly used for the chassis and body construction of Conqueror trailers. The use of natural materials i.e. wood is totally eliminated. Hinges and latches are manufactured from stainless steel and various grades of aluminium are used for non structural parts. Tents are manufactured from coated rip stop canvas, while nylon or other less durable materials are avoided.


The backbone of any vehicle is the chassis. The main construction of our chassis is 3 mm steel manufactured on NC machinery for accuracy. Other critical parts in thicker steel are laser cut. The chassis parts are then powder coated or hot dip galvanized. Welding as part of chassis construction is virtually eliminated by using individual parts bolted together. The occurrence of metal fatigue and stress concentrations in our chassis is very low as a result of this. Another plus of the technique is the fact that damaged parts are easily replaced in the field.

Axle and Wheels

Solid beam braked axles are used in the trailers while a patented independent suspension with stabilizers is used in our caravans. Heavy duty shock absorbers are used throughout. Vehicles for the South African market are fitted with cast iron couplers with integral auto reverse brakes and handbrakes. This has proved to be the most reliable system for severe conditions. Hubs and wheels may be fitted to suit most standard towing vehicle specifications.

Body Construction

Body construction is also based on modular concepts. Body parts are manufactured with NC equipment ensuring a high degree of accuracy. Parts are then individually powder coated. The body is constructed using high modulus polyurethane glue in all joints with a range of high quality fasteners. This method is similar to that being employed in the aircraft industry, producing a vehicle which is light and resilient. It is for this reason that our trailers perform very well in off road conditions because of reduced weight coupled with the elimination of metal fatigue and corrosion. Body parts can be replaced with a minimum of effort. Automotive seals are used on all doors and special care in the design is taken to ensure a water and dust tight vehicle. Pre-manufactured wiring looms with high quality connectors are used for all electrical circuits.


All models can be equipped with a purpose made range of tents and awnings which is recognized as the best designed and of highest quality in the industry. Provision for all accessories and add-ons is made during the design process of the vehicle. Anchor points, mounting holes and routings are thus part of the basic vehicle, which make the installation of equipment at any stage very easy and accurate. Mega Manufacturers is a well established supplier in the market and top seller in SA with an excellent reputation. Backup and support for our products is a high priority in the Company.


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Take your Conqueror anywhere

your 4×4 vehicle can go!